Stir Fry Flower Mushrooms, Bamboo Shoots and Streaky Pork

Flower mushroom, also called shiitake or forest mushrooms, the King of fungus, is named for the figure on the top. With white and light yellow cracks on the top, it is shaped like chrysanthemum petal. As the top class mushroom, flower mushroom is a nutritious food high in protein and low in fat, thus high nutritious and medicinal value. It has been long regarded as the tonic by Chinese people, which can fight against diseases, strengthen the body and delay aging. Despite the high price, the flower mushroom is popular for its thick flesh, tenderness and strong flavor.

Stir Fry Flower Mushrooms, Bamboo Shoots and Streaky Pork

Difficulty: assistant (intermediate)
Cooking time: 10-30 minutes
Ingredients: 150g streaky pork; 6-8 flower mushrooms; 1 piece of bamboo shoot slice; 1 cayenne pepper
Seasoning: 2 pieces of green scallions and ginger slices;
1 tbsp of soy sauce;
1 tbsp of cooking wine;
2 tbsps of oil;
1 tbsp of salt;
1 tsp of ground pepper


1.Prepare the raw materials, get everything cleaned and cut. Put the bamboo shoot slices into the cold water, blanch them after boiling them.

2.Heat a pan, add oil, green scallion and ginger and stir fry. When flavor comes out, add the streaky pork slices and stir fry them.

3.When the streaky pork slices are slightly burned, add a little cooking wine and soy sauce to fry them. Then add flower mushroom and bamboo shoot slices, and continue to stir fry.

4.Add a half bowl of boiled water. After the dish is boiling, cover the lid and boil for another two or three minutes.

5.Thicken the dish over strong heat and add salt and ground pepper. Add the prepared cayenne pepper slices and stir fry. Put the dish in the plate and sprinkle some green scallion minces.

Cooking tips: process the food materials in advance. The flower mushrooms are tastier when beveled into slices. The bitter taste is removed when the bamboo shoot slices are blanched in cold water. First stir fry the green scallions and ginger, and then add streaky pork to stir fry. In this way, the grease in the pork comes out. When the pork is slightly burned, add soy sauce and cooking wine to add the color and remove the smell of meat.Then add the prepared flower mushrooms and bamboo shoot slices, stir fry them before pouring in boiled water. Then boil for several minutes. When the soup is boiled, thicken the mixture over strong heat. Add the ingredients such as salt, and cayenne pepper slices and stir fry.The cayenne pepper shouldn’t be cooked for too long, so it’s added at last.