Some Famous Foods in Hawaii

Sweet bread

Fresh bread is the most famoust bread in Hawaii. This cakes are made by  Portuguese sugarcane workers. The Hawaii bread is sweet and soft because they are made from flour, sugar, salt, lemon juice, potato chips and eggs. Whether sweet bread have already existed in Hawaii long time ago, but this cake is an indispensable dish of native in Hawaiians

Loco Moco

Loco Moco is a traditional dish in Hawaii, It can be appeared in any breakfast or lunch in Hawaiian. This dish has many ways to make, however, the basic loco Moco is often made from  rice and burger , fried eggs, and gravy sauce. Some other recipes have peppers, bacon, ham, Spam, Kalua pork, Portuguese sausage, teriyaki beef, teriyaki chicken, mahi-mahi fish, shrimp, oysters, and other meat. You can mix eggs with burger meat , rice and gravy sauce when eating. You can replace scrambled egg by the fried egg fried


Whoever came to Hawaii can’t ignore this special dish, that’s Poi pie. This pie was invented by those who first arrived in Hawaii in 400 years BC. It is also a traditional dish with traditional spiritual meaning in the daily life of the people


Prunes are sold a lot in the snack shop, you can buy seeded in this place. Some tourists choose this food as gifts for friends and family

Haupia (coconut cake)

Haupia (coconut cake) has famous in Hawaii when native people use coconut in their daily cuisine. It is made from natural coconut, so Haupia (coconut cake) has a  strangely sweet taste. After the coconuts were picked down, it will be get water and mixing with sugar, salt, hot water and cornstarch. When the mixture is smooth, It’s poured into the mold, adding gelatin


Visiting Hawaii, you can not ignore the varies seafood dishes. One of the favorite seafood dishes is ahi (appetizer made with raw tuna) or tako poke (Korean appetizer made from raw fish ball)