Eating Healthy Summer Barbecue BBQ

As summer is approaching, summer barbecue on the street, especially barbecue grill, is very popular. However, eating barbecue outside usually is unhealthy. Here are some factors affecting eating healthy barbecue.

Environmental Factors

Barbecue typically appears on the street, so barbecue affected by dust, bacteria and other dirty things on the street would definitely become unclean and unhealthy.

Production Process Factors

1. Nutrient loss after high heat

Barbecue is grilled under high temperature or pan-fried. After high temperature lots of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in food ingredients would be lost.

2. Parasite infection

A lot of people like to eat barbecue medium cooked, for they feel delicious and delicate. However they don’t know there are lots of parasites in the uncooked throughout meat. Most often, it’s hard for the street peddlers to cook food thoroughly for there are so many customers waiting there.

3. Carcinogen generation

Being scorched can’t be avoided when barbecue. Being scorched would easily generate carcinogenic substances such as heterocyclic amines, benzopyrene and so on.

4. Being easily heaty

Barbecue food is generally oily, and spicy, very easily lose, causing skin ulcer, acne, etc.

Then now we know the key to unhealthiness. Now I will list some tips to eat healthy barbecue.

Cook by ourselves

There could be dust, bacteria and other harmful substances. We can buy food ingredients to barbecue at home.


1. High temperature can make the loss of nutrients. Therefore, when eating barbecue, we can add some vegetables or fruits which can be eat when they are raw such as tomatoes, cucumbers, cold dressed dishes, etc.

2. Parasites problem can be solved when we barbecue at home. We can barbecue food ingredients for a longer time or use a toaster or a microwave oven to cook. If we eat outside, we can ask cook to barbecue food ingredients for a longer time.

3. In order to avoid excessive intake of carcinogens, at the time of eating we can remove the scorch part, or like South Koreans to wrap grills in lettuce and then eat, which can increase the intake of vitamin C, and reduce carcinogen doing harm to the body.

4. As far as possible we choose not to add chili when eating barbecue food. Or we can drink some fresh vegetable juice or fruit juice to reduce spicy stimulation to the body.

We should not only eat good but healthy, as a foodie eating healthy and delicious is a must!