Brewed and Roasted Chicken Wings

Brewed and Roasted Chicken Wings

Difficulty: cutting (primary)
Cooking time: above 1 hour
Ingredients: 10 chicken wings; 2 shiitake mushrooms; half a stick of radish
Seasoning: a dozen of ginger slices; a dozen of scallions; 1 tbsp of oyster sauce; 1 tbsp of barbecue sauce; 1 tbsp of cooking wine; 1 tbsp of light soy sauce; 1 tsp of ground pepper; 1 tbsp of oil; 1 tbsp of salt


1. Find the two little bones of the chicken wings and scrape the flesh along the bones. Take out the bones and keep the skin complete.

2. After removing the bones, turn the chicken wings inside out, and add salt, light soy sauce, cooking wine, oyster sauce, barbecue sauce and ginger slices. Preserve for half an hour after stirring evenly. Then turn over and preserve for another half an hour with the outer skin facing outside.

3. Prepare the fillings. Cut the radish, mushrooms, and scallions into threads. Boil the water, add little salt and oil. Blanch radish threads and mushrooms.

4. After blanching, take out for later use. You can add some seasonings if you prefer strong flavor. Stuff the preserved chicken wings with several radish threads, mushroom threads and scallion threads.

5. Stuff all the chicken wings with the fillings. Preheat the electric grill, and brush little oil on the upper and lower plate.

6. Add the prepared chicken wings, cover the lid, and press the function key for roasting chicken wings. 6 minutes later, the dish is ready. Put in the plate and serve.

Cooking tips: first remove the bones of the chicken wings. Find two little bones, and scrape the flesh along the bones, but don’t destroy the skin. When preserving the chicken wings, first turn the inside out. After 30 minutes, turn the skin outward and preserve. In this way, the flavor is stronger. The brewed vegetables should be prepared according to personal taste. Blanch and preheat the ones which are not cooked easily. Brew 2 or 3 sticks of the prepared vegetables into the chicken wings, then roast in the electric grill. If no electric grill, the pan is OK, too. I set the time to 6 minutes, a little long. The chicken wings are too burned. So you can decide your time.